Daltec roof ventilators and wall fans are designed to provide the most efficient and economical means of exhausting large volumes of air. These versatile units are used in large areas that must be ventilated and dust, fumes or injurious gases removed. Adaptable for the ventilation of both commercial or industrial buildings.


Roof Ventilators

Our roof ventilators are available in two designs – upblast (UBRE) type and hooded design types (DBRE). The hooded design may also be adapted to provide supply air and can be fitted with cleanable or disposable filters. Both of these ventilators are available in direct drive (Arr.4) or belt drive (Arr.9) configurations.

Wall Fans

Similar to roof ventilators, wall fans are stand alone type units and are not generally used with ducting. These fans are low pressure and high volume and can be supplied for either exhaust or air supply (WF series). They can also be supplied as reversible units providing exhaust or supply as needed.

Accessories for Wall Fans

Design accessories that are available with wall fans include:

  • mounting cabinets
  • integrally mounted heating or cooling coils
  • skid mounting
  • guards
  • automatic or motorized back draft dampers
  • special mounting panels

Impeller Styles

A number of different types of impellers are utilized by Daltec Roof Ventilators and Wall Fans. Pressed steel impellers can be considered a standard equipment outfit but cast aluminum, plastic and fabricated steel can also be supplied. The type of impeller required will depend on the particular application of the unit.

Roof Ventilator Brochure


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