Modifying Systems to Improve Fan Function And Longevity

No matter the industry, fans play an important role in the process. Often they are the critical item in the system, a system that simply cannot be allowed to go down for any extended period of time. But, severe applications as often found in Steel Mills, Cement Plants and many other industries do lead to fan failures due to erosion, corrosion and fatigue.

erf_stress_graphWe utilize the latest in CAD and FEA technology to model the Fan, and Impeller calculating stress levels and optimizing material selections. We can perform a frequency analysis to ensure natural frequencies are well removed from operating speeds and other sensitive frequencies like a 2x and blade pass. This is also confirmed by a Bump test in the shop after fabrication.

We solve complex fan problems and utilize Fan Systems by considering all components in the system including modeling the entire rotating assembly including the bearing pedestals to determine the system design resonant speed, and performing a Torsional Analysis of the complete drive train. This ensures a safe, reliable, and trouble free installation.

For Daltec Engineered Retro-fits, modifications include:

  • Installing higher efficiency wheels in same casing
  • Increased throughput using “Tipping” techniques
  • Installing additional wear protection for increased life
  • Evaluate bearing selection, resolving bearing failure issues
  • Efficiency Improvements
  • Resizing impeller for actual operating conditions versus original design or test block

Increase Throughput & Fan Life Expectancy

Daltec Process Fans can recommend improvements to the fan assembly or its components, which will allow the customer to increase his product throughput or allow an increase in the life expectancy of the fan components. This is done with the use of a range of tools available, including:

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Critical Speed Analysis
  • Model Testing

Industrial Fan Retro Fits

For every Retro-fit our engineering department develop computer models of the critical components using the above methods. This allows a determination of what is required to make improvements while confirming the structural integrity of the element.

Daltec Process Fans looks at the complete fan assembly when determining what improvements can be made to the original design to increase efficiency or life expectancy of the various components. Extensive use of the latest in computer modeling techniques, including Finite Element Analysis, guarantees the integrity of the rotating elements.

It is extremely important to find a source of expertise as it relates to Fan Retrofits, so that when a breakdown does occur, the client has the confidence to know that the company hired will fix the problem in a fast, efficient and professional manner. Daltec Process Fans is that source.



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