Daltec’s axial flow fans provide a viable alternative to centrifugal fans. Axial flow fans are generally lower in initial cost and provide a space saving factor of 50 – 70% over centrifugal fans of similar design and capacity.



Generally, they are used when large volumes of clean air are moved at relatively low static pressures as they offer higher efficiency at lower operating costs. Tube Axial fans should be considered (and are available) when low static pressures are specified; while Vane Axial fans allow selection at higher pressure while maintaining high efficiency. These fans may be staged to provide even higher static pressure capabilities.

Product Features

Daltec axial flow fans consist of a cylindrical casing with either an internal motor support (Arr4) or an internal bearing support and shaft for V-belt drive models (Arr.9). Tube Axial fans are commonly employed on exhaust systems with lower pressure requirements. The addition of upstream or downstream guide vanes converts the fan into a Vane Axial unit which has a higher static pressure and significantly improved efficiency. Daltec’s axial flow product line offers four designs: TA, TAW, DTA and DVA.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Custom design feature that are available with axial flow fans include:
  • Skid mounting
  • Special access doors designs (clamshell or swing-out)
  • Special construction materials
  • Custom mounting solutions
  • Fan-In-Silencer (FIS)

The FIS fan mounts a fan inside a tubular silencer with the fan ducted on the inlet and outlet thereby radiated noise is greatly reduced.

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