Daltec heavy duty industrial exhaust fans are utilized when air moving equipment must handle light to heavy dust loading, for material handling applications and for pneumatic conveying. Selections, using the appropriate impeller design, are made to maximize efficiencies, while rugged construction ensures long and reliable duty life.


Speed and Temperature

Industrial exhaust fans are available from a size of 05 (with a 9 inch impeller) to a size of 54 (with a 93 inch impeller). Standard class constructions are 15K, 19K and 22K. Fans can be designed for tip speeds in excess of 3000 fpm on a custom basis. The maximum operating temperature is up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Belt Drive Configurations

Our belt drive configurations that are available include: Arrangement 1, 1 BM, 2, 9 and 9V (Vertical fan shaft) and 10. Maximum motor horsepower in a standard belt drive is 250 HP. Higher horsepower can be achieved through a belt driven system with or without jack shaft assemblies, on a custom designed basis.

Direct Drive Arrangements

Direct Drive arrangements 4 and 4V (vertical motor shaft) can be utilized on fan sizes up to 23. Larger fans generally utilize arrangement 7 and 8 where large frame motors are designed to be mounted on an integral motor base.

Impeller Designs

Daltec offers three impeller designs in our family of Industrial Exhaust Fans; the DAW, DMW and DMW-CT classes.

The DAW class is a high efficiency impeller suitable for light to medium dust loadings. Where as the DMW is a heavy duty impeller more suited for heavy dust loadings and material conveying. Finally, the extremely rugged DMW-CT is used for applications where air stream includes paper trim or long stringy materials.

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