We offer many different, highly efficient fan configurations tested and proven for a clients Process Fan requirements, including our rugged Airfoil with optional wear protection of varying levels of wear resistance. In our extensive line up, we also offer Backward Curved and Radial Tipped designs for higher abrasion and material accumulation applications. We offer these designs in both SWSI and DWDI for both permanent Power Generation Facilities and smaller package Boiler Applications.


Full line of tested and proven Centrifugal fan types

  • HD Airfoil for Efficiencies up to 87%
  • Backward Curved – 84%
  • Backward Inclined – 81%
  • Radial Tipped – 75%
  • Radial Bladed – 73%
  • Open Radial – 64%

Daltec’s key market strategy and objective is to offer the most efficient equipment selection available that is both conservatively rated and specifically designed for the application considering all process and environmental factors. As power consumption becomes much more costly than the capital cost of the equipment for larger fans, we encourage our customers to provide us with much more information than just the operating points. We look closer at the system to learn more about the process, and any factors that we can address with built in design considerations including the expected time equipment will operate at each of the specified points.

Servicing  Global Process Markets

Daltec is staffed with experienced fan engineers and technicians who understand fans and turbo-machinery. We are able to resolve problems related to fans in your industry and for numerous industrial applications.

If your company requires a new equipment installation, our team of professionals can provide a complete customized solution optimized for efficiency and productivity. Whether you require industrial exhaust fans, centrifugal fans, radial tip or high pressure fans you can be sure that Daltec will deliver the solution best suited to your industry and application. For more information, call our team of professionals at Daltec Process Fans.


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