Daltec Industries’ high pressure blowers are used widely in industry to meet the high demand of high pressure and moderate volumes. These fans are designed and engineered for industrial application in a range from 100 cubic feet per minute (cfm) to 50,000 cfm and to maximum pressures of 98″ water gauge. These fans are available in both standard and customized configurations allowing for the most efficient and economical solution for our clients.


Standard Series

The standard HP series of fans feature a radial bladed impeller which can be used as designed or as a base for customized modification. The most common modification on this series is the material of construction and finishing techniques. An example of this is the construction of an HP series using 316 stainless steel construction, polished welds and wash down motors allowing this unit to be utilized in the food preparation industry.

Food Grade High Pressure Fan

Custom Tailored Fans

The Daltec custom design fan series includes the DRBO open radial wheel, DRBS shrouded radial wheel and the DBCP shrouded backward curved wheel. All these are complement with a full array of accessories and are available in all standard drive configurations.
An example of a custom tailored fan in the series features a split casting, access door, inlet box, guards, drive coupling and chromium-carbide wear liners on the impeller and fan housing.