Daltec Panel Fans offer superior performance and space savings for exhausting large volumes of air through wall penetration.


Daltec Panel Fans are sturdily designed for general ventilation, smoke and fume removal, cooling, air supply or exhaust applications

Product Features

Daltec Panel Fans consist of a deep drawn spun venture and rugged motor supports, either welded or bolted to the panel. Sizes 12 through 60” are available in either Arr#4 Direct drive or Arr #9 belt drive configurations. Typical options include heavier gauge welded steel mounting boots with aluminum integral damper and removable rear guard for ease of motor accessibility.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Daltec Process Fans can custom engineer their Panel Fans to meet the most stringent air moving requirements. These include:

  • Exotic paint finishes including an SSPC sand blast
  • Robust/Heavier gauge construction for accessories and/or motor supports
  • All Galvanized steel and special alloy construction (Including Aluminum & stainless steel)
  • Special welding requirements
  • Sizes 72” and larger

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