Depending on the business you own, you might have different expectations and air regulations. It can get quite overwhelming if you need to muscle your way through finding out what works and where.

Your choice is between multiple arrangements and sizes for either centrifugal air blowers and fans and exhaust fans. To make it even more complicated you can get a mixed flow fans. Where to start? Here is how to sift through the models, applications and requirements.


Time to familiarize you quickly with the most used models. First you get the centrifugal air blower. This model is recommended for clean air (or slightly contaminated air) and you usually apply it at the clean side of dust collectors. Now, Deltac Fans has specialized for a long time in creating and tailoring those blowers (although you should keep in mind that the high pressure blowers, high pressure fans and mixed flow fans are just as researched and developed models), so you can sort through a great variety. You can customize your fan to fits your specifications the best. Let’s say that you are in a need of a non-standard size of fan to be applied alongside the dust collectors. You can spend quite some time on the market trying to find your size. Or you can come directly to Deltac Fans, and you get your custom size as easy as if you were looking for a standard one.

As mentioned earlier, the  high pressure blowers and high pressure fans get the same attention as the centrifugal air blowers when it comes to original and optimal designs. The wide use of both high pressure blowers and fans is indicative of the superb operations of the equipment. The high pressure fans can reach the astounding range of 100 cubic feet per minute to 50,000 cubic feet per minute! Now, when you get offered a piece of equipment that can handle such wide range, you know that you are getting a durable and high quality machine. And that’s what Daltec Fans is striving to achieve.

Regardless of your need, regardless of your purpose, you can find what you are looking for in Daltec Fans’ assortment of fans and blowers. You want a mixed flow fans? You want a custom-designed impellers? You want high quality product from a reliable company? It is a tough combination to find, but you should look no further than Daltec Fans because they have it all.


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