You better know your stuff when you are up for upgrading your air ventilation. As there are many branches of each industry, there are as many industrial fans and blowers to mach them.

Selecting the right one could be a challenge. Therefore, Daltec Fans sets up to make the choice a little bit easier, without costing you time, energy or quality.


There are a few general models in the mix. You have fans, blowers and exhaust fans. First, although rather small, there is a distinction between fans and blowers. Often used interchangeably, fans and blowers do provide slightly different services. While fans are used to circulate air into a given area, blowers are used for more concentrated airflow.

Here are a few general models to guide you into you through your more specific needs:

  1. First we have the centrifugal fans. The centrifugal fans are designed to handle either clean or lightly contaminated air and are considered some of the most efficient fans. Because the centrifugal fans can use custom contoured inlets, they can allow for a more consistent airflow. Further, the flexibility of these fans extends to include various assortment sizes, making the unit suitable for a multitude of requirements.
  2. Then we have the centrifugal blower. The industrial air blowers are made of different materials and come in various shape and forms. The purpose of the centrifugal blower, similar to this of the fans, is to increase the production capacity through reliable and energy efficient manner. The Daltec Fans manufacture industrial air blowers with environmental factors in mind. The custom made centrifugal blower can save you time and money, and most importantly get the job done consistently and efficiently.
  3. With all the work going on, your workspaces can get filled with bad air. The industrial roof exhaust fans are the most efficient and economically sound way to get rid of the undesired air in your space. Imagine it like this: the industrial roof exhaust fans are the pump that takes air out of the room, much like water pumps get rid of water. In the end, you are left with clean and breathable air.

As you saw, there are main categories of industrial fans and blowers but they extend to dozens of different models with different fit and slightly different capabilities. Daltec Fans has all the variety you need in order to make your work space or your project a safe and efficient place of work.


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